extract [ek strakt′, ikstrakt′; ] for n. [ eks′trakt΄]
[ME extracten < L extractus, pp. of extrahere, to draw out < ex-, out + trahere, to DRAW]
1. to draw out by effort; pull out [to extract a tooth, to extract a promise from someone]
2. to remove or separate (metal) from ore
3. to obtain (a substance, esp. an essence or concentrate) by pressing, distilling, using a solvent, etc. [to extract juice from fruit]
4. to obtain as if by drawing out; deduce (a principle), derive or elicit (information, pleasure, etc.), or the like
5. to copy out or quote (a passage from a book, etc.); excerpt
6. Math. to compute (the root of a quantity)
something extracted; specif.,
a) a concentrated form, whether solid, viscid, or liquid, of a food, flavoring, etc. [beef extract]
b) a passage selected from a book, etc.; excerpt; quotation
c) Pharmacy the concentrated substance obtained by dissolving a drug in some solvent, as ether or alcohol, and then evaporating the preparation
SYN.- EXTRACT implies a drawing out of something, as if by pulling, sucking, etc. [to extract a promise ]; EDUCE suggests a drawing out or evolving of something that is latent or undeveloped [laws were educed from tribal customs ]; ELICIT connotes difficulty or skill in drawing out something hidden or buried [his jokes elicited no smiles ]; EVOKE implies a calling forth or summoning, as of a mental image, by stimulating the emotions [the odor evoked a memory of childhood ]; EXTORT suggests a forcing or wresting of something, as by violence or threats [to extort a ransom ]

English World dictionary. . 2014.

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